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عضو هیات علمی گروه آموزشي شيمي تجزیه، دانشکده علوم پایه
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سوابق تحصیلی
Ph.D in Analytical Chemistry, Tarbiat Modarres University (T.M.U), Tehran, Iran, October 2001
مقالات علمی پژوهشی
سایر مقالات
1- Sayyedi S.S., -Solvatochromic behavior of some new compounds by using their electronic spectra in different solvents -Calculations of oxidation potentials of some aromatic hydrocarbons derivatives in acetonitrile, Lorestan university, 2008.
2- Zohrevand S., -Selective extraction, Preconcentration, and determination of ultratrace Copper (II) using a new benzo-substituted macrocyclic diamide derivative By: HLLE-GFAAS -Quantitative and Qualitative study on Iranian Saffron (Crocus Sativus L)By :UA-HS-SPME-GC-MS & UA-SE-HPLC, Lorestan university, 2009.
3- Parooi R., Development of a highly selective Hg(II) optical sensor based on immobilization of 2-[(2-sulfanylphenyl) ethanimidoyl]phenol on an agarose membrane, Lorestan university, 2009.
4- Nemati H., -Preparation of a new optical sensor with mixture of Alizarin and Orange immobilized on an agarose membrane for determination of pH in aquoeus solution -Selective extraction, Preconcentration, and determination of ultratrace Nickel(II) using a new Dibenzene amine- substituted derivative by DLLE-GF-AA method, Lorestan university, 2009.
5- Khazaali E., -Design and charactristics of an optical sensor for a wide range pH values using agarose and photographic film membranes as support - Design and characteristics of an optical sensor for selective monitoring of Ni2+ using agarose and photographic film membranes as support, Lorestan university, 2010.
6- Chamcham Z., -Evaluation of the deprotonation process of some drugs in water solution and adsorbed form on functionalized multiwalled carbon nanotubes(MWCNTs-COOH) and following thermodynamic studies of their surface adsorption - Cloud point extraction(CPE) of Ni2+ using a new carbazone derivative, Lorestan university, 2012.
7- Amraei A., -Solvatochromism behaviour of some new compounds in phenylhydrazone derivatives by using their electronic spectra in various solvents. -Cloud point extraction(CPE) of zn(II) into a micellar solution followed by ET-AAS and UV-Vis methods using a new schiffs base methylyliden derivative. Lorestan university, 2012.
8- Niromandi L., Synthesis, X – Ray and solution study 1- p – tolyl – 3 - ( 3-( trifluoro methyl ) phenyl ) triaz -1 -ene 1-oxide and synthesis of new compounds of hydroxytriazene, Lorestan university, 2008, (Joint Supervisor).
9- Fazlolahi M., Synthesis of some new hydroxytriazene, solution studies and structural determination of 1- p – tolyl – 3 - ( 2-( trifluoro methyl ) phenyl ) triaz -1 -ene 1-oxide by X – Ray method, Lorestan university, 2008, (Joint Supervisor).
10- Pourhossein A.R., The application of slurry sampling for determination of trace elements in biological samples by electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry and the use of liquid-liquid extraction techniques for extraction and determination of drugs by high performance liquid chromatography ,۲۰۱۸ ,Lorestan University, Ph.D Thesis.
11- Modifiction Magnetic Nanoparticles(MMNPs) for removal of organic dyes and ion metals and optimization by response surface methodology -Using of Nano Molecular Imprinting Polymers(NMIPs) to detect some compounds -Development of quantitative-structure activity relationship(QSAR) of maximum wavelength absorption in different solvents for some samples of phenylhydrazone derivatives using quantum mechanical calculations, 2018, Lorestan University, Ph.D Thesis.
12- Hasannejad M., Development of extraction techniques using micellar nanoparticles (Coacervate) and salting-out assisted liquid–liquid extraction for determination of residual pharmaceuticals in food and environmental samples, 2019, Lorestan University, Ph.D Thesis, (Joint Supervisor).
13- Shiri S., Synthesis of nanopolymer used as drug delivery of silibinin and extraction, determination of chlorophenols, antioxidants and drugs acidic and basic based on polymeric and magnetic nanoparticles, 2019, Lorestan University, Ph.D Thesis, (Joint Supervisor).
14- Sharifi A., Diagnosis diseases using EM algoritm, Principal Component Analysis, Artificial neural network Multilayer perceptron, Genetic Algorithm and PSO, 2021, Lorestan University, Ph.D Thesis.
جزوات دانشگاهی
-Courses taught at undergraduate level (B.S.): General Chemistry I & General Chemistry II, Analytical Chemistry I & Analytical Chemistry II, Analytical Chemistry(Labs.) I & II, Instrumental Analysis, Separation methods in Chemistry.
Courses taught at postgraduate level (M.S.): Electrochemistry, Molecular Spectroscopy, Physical and chemical methods of separation.
سوابق اجرایی
General Chemistry I(Translated to Persian) Nouavaran Sharif Publication 2006
General Chemistry II(Translated to Persian) Nouavaran Sharif Publication 2008
علاقه‌مندی ‌ها
Optical sensor, Ion selective electrode, Cloud point extraction, Dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction, Spectroscopy, Ion transport, Solvatochromism